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HeavyMannaz first introduction on the local stage, Smile Jamaica morning time - Television Jamaica.

HeavyMannaz first introduction on the local stage, Smile Jamaica morning time - Television Jamaica.

It all started...

in Khristina Godfrey's four (4) term at Edna Manley College school of the visual and performing arts where she gained her Bachelors in Fine arts - Painting. During her term she became fascinated with deconstructing Jamaica culture and understanding the creation of what we know to be a 'Jamaican ting'. In Godfrey's final year she found herself lost in the 2010 Tivoli incursion trying to understand the culture of violence, where she began to unearth cultural events linked to the shaping of culture from the 1970s. Godfrey embarked on a world of research that helped her to deconstruct the correlation between politics and violence between the late 1960s to 1980s. This research allowed her to aesthetize political violence using the archival information gathered in her research as a foundation for experimental work unique to the urban landscape of Jamaica. These pieces pieces from her practice are social narratives that help to aid in understanding the dynamic relationships of our culture. These experimental works were grounded on large unmounted canvas that formally aimed to express the use of the black text and the language of these narratives.

HeavyMannaz was an evolution of this practice to join functionality and form. As a young Jamaican creative graduate, she wanted to create a product that was unique to the narrative of Jamaica's history. After researching she realized that there was an absence of bags on the local market that fit that criteria. So began the emergence of an interesting community of collectors.

The name HeavyMannaz was a coined expression from one of the leaders of People's National Party (PNP), Michael Manley who used the slogan 'under heavy manners' to head his campaigns. Today HeavyMannaz bags are a symbol of our culture, they are time capsules of the foundation of our history. HeavyMannaz still tries to deconstruct the cultural language in fact, each element plays a key role in construction of the bags from imagery to fabric selection. 

HeavyMannaz bags a cultural artifacts that are laced with the stories of many before our time, we hope you enjoy our collections.